Italy Launches a Digital Nomad Visa 

italy digital nomad visa

Following its European neighbors, Italy finally launched a digital nomad visa.

The Italian government is working on a new digital nomad visa to attract remote workers. The Ministry drafted the first version in January. And they voted for the law on March 28.  

After the one-euro home initiative, Italy targets digital nomads. According to Il Sole 24 Ore report, the initiative targets highly skilled remote professionals outside the EU. The aim is to diversify the economy, bringing remote workers and freelancers into the country. And simplify the process for those who are living outside the European Union. 

In Italy, professionals outside the EU still need to apply for a 90 days visa. And options for freelancers and remote workers often are complicated and not available. However, the government still needs to specify who qualifies as a “highly qualified” worker. And if participants can bring family or extend the scheme. 

Most likely, the scheme will include a minimum salary and specification for the contract – as it happens for most schemes. Meanwhile, remote workers can apply for a self-employment visa; intra-company visa; and the EU Blue Card.

When the Italy visa scheme for digital nomads starts, travelers will be able to enter the country while working. And associations like Venywhere or Be.Long support remote workers in finding accommodation and a community network. 

Even in a post-pandemic scenario, Italy launches a digital nomad visa to restart the local economy. To conclude, remote workers ad travelers started a new trend impacting tourism strategy and local businesses. 


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