Istanbul: Named The Best City in the World for Remote Work


Solopress, a research organization, has conducted a new study exploring the requirements of digital nomads and uncovering the optimal global destinations for remote work in creative fields. Through analyzing various factors, such as freelancers’ average hourly rates, cost of living, and even the speed of WiFi, we have identified the finest cities for creative digital nomads. 

Did you know, for instance, that Istanbul boasts the most affordable hotdesking prices, starting at just £64? Similarly, Bangkok offers the least expensive monthly Airbnb stay, priced at only £1,176. 

Best 10 Cities in the World to Work Remotely 

Solopress ranked 30 cities using a combination of statistics to assess their ability to effectively fulfill digital nomads’ requirements.

These requirements include essential elements such as sustenance, accommodation, a workspace, and a reliable WiFi connection. The price and quality of these resources, along with the potential remuneration for our nomads, significantly influence the success of their sojourn.

These are the top cities of the ranking: 

RankCityCountryAverage hourly rate freelancers charge for creative rolesAverage cost of living per monthAverage price of an Airbnb per monthCost of hotdesking per monthWifi speeds (Mb/s)
3Hong KongHong Kong£33£884£2,665£19087
4Las VegasUnited States£49£822£5,881£17161
6WashingtonUnited States£49£1,002£4,321£349104
7Los AngelesUnited States£49£939£5,641£23866

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