Ireland Will Pay Individuals $90,000 to Move to An Island 


Ireland is offering 84,000 euros ($92,292) to individuals who settle in one of the nation’s coastal islands. However, there are certain conditions that candidates need to fulfill to get selected. Additionally, applicants need to consider that as the islands are regularly separated from the mainland by tides, there is a lack of bridges or causeways. 

The islands receive over 300,000 visitors annually, but few people live there. Some islands have as few as two year-round inhabitants, while the largest has 7000. In total, around 3,000 people are living across 30 islands.

The main purpose of this initiative is the declining population levels, especially the lack of young people. Between 1996 and 2016, the population of the islands covered by the policy was found to have fallen by 12.8%. 

Our Living Islands – Ireland’s New Policy to Boost Population 

Heather Humphreys, Ireland’s minister for rural and community development, says that the new policy called “Our Living Islands” has over 80 actions designed to support and “empower our island communities and the people living there.”

“It’s all about improving housing, better access to essential services in health and education, delivering high-speed broadband, and further developing our outdoor amenities, which will, in turn, increase tourism and support sustainable island communities.” Heather Humphreys

The plan is to include the option for remote workers by improving the infrastructure and providing more job opportunities. 

For those buying an existing, vacant property, the Irish government will get you 60,000 euros, just 10,000 euros more than if you bought on the mainland. The largest sum – 84,000 euros – will go to those choosing to move to derelict properties. 


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