Ireland Government Aims For 20% Remote Working

Ireland remote work
Photo by Yasmina H on Unsplash

The government of Ireland has established a strategy for hybrid working in the public service, aiming for a minimum of 20% remote work.

Employees will be able to request remote working arrangements and request a review if their request is denied.

Regardless of any previous remote work arrangements during the pandemic, access to hybrid working will not be automatic. Employers in the civil service are encouraged to support and facilitate hybrid working whenever possible.

The framework affects roughly 40,000 federal personnel and 40 civil service organisations.

The strategy is expected to be implemented by the middle of the year and might serve as a model for the entire public sector. In principle, no person should work 100 percent remotely, according to the framework.

The largest public sector union, Fórsa, was involved in the framework negotiations. It has praised the initiative and advocated for its swift implementation throughout the civil and public sectors.

Ireland has taken multiple steps in imbibing and promoting flexible work via revamping older places into hubs and also introducing remote work apps.

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