Indiana is Offering a ‘Grandparents on Demand’ service and $5,000 to Attract Remote Workers


Greensburg, Indiana, offers a cash incentive of $5,000 to remote workers to relocate to the city. Additionally, it is also offering a ‘’Grandparents on Demand’’ service that pairs new citizens with local senior citizens who will babysit and participate in different activities such as Grandparent’s Day. 

Different states across the U.S. are luring remote workers with attractive benefits and cash incentives. U.S. cities are looking for the best strategies to encourage remote workers to move, even offering daycare services.

Indiana’s Benefits for Remote Workers 

Greensburg, Indiana, is populated by approximately 12,000 residents. The city is looking for ways to attract remote workers to move to the region offering benefits such as:

  • $5,000 
  • Invitations to non-profit fundraising events
  • Invitations to home-cooked meals at neighbors’ homes
  • One-year membership to the city’s coworking space
  • Free gift cards to the farmers market
  • Free passes for theatrical performances
  • Access to the ‘’Grandparents on Demand’’ program.

Greensburg Mayor Joshua Marsh said they are looking forward to welcoming remote workers to become part of their community. He told Fox59

Our community is full of great people that will help an individual who moves here or their family, flourish and grow and be a part of the community. How do we attract people to southeastern Indiana? What we’re doing is we’re showing those that maybe live in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco – outside of the Midwest – that you can keep your job that you have, where you’re working remotely. You’re paying a very high cost of living, maybe in an unsafe environment, or the school systems aren’t great … (but) you can move here to Greensburg, Indiana and we will set you up.

The city put the incentive package together with the help of the online directory MakeMyMove, a virtual marketplace matching remote workers to communities across the country offering multiple benefits.

The ‘’Grandparents on Demand’’ program wants to help remote workers with childcare by matching them with senior citizens. 


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