Immersive Labs Raises $189 Million After The Pandemic Increased Cyber Threats 

cybersecurity threats

In June of 2021, Immersive Labs, a platform that focuses on teaching cybersecurity skills to employees, closed a $75 million Series C funding. Today, the company just raised $66 Million, taking a total to $189 million. 

One of the most significant changes the pandemic brought to the corporate world was remote work. Millions of companies around the world shifted towards a virtual work model. And while it provided flexibility and increased productivity, it still has challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Immersive Labs Raised Another $66 Million

Studies have shown that cybersecurity threats have increased significantly after the pandemic. Consequently, companies like Immersive Labs focus on providing employees a platform to teach them, in a gamified way, the skills to deal with potential threats. This helps organizations keep their data safe.

Ten Eleven Ventures led the latest raise, where the company reached $189 million in funding. Existential investors such as Goldman Sachs Management, Insight Partners, Menlo Ventures, and Summit Partners also participated in the round. 

The capital will be used to enhance its “Cyber Workforce Resilience” category and provide customers such as Goldman Sachs, HSBC, and Pfizer, among others, with solutions. 


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