IBM Tells Manager To Return To Office Or Quit

IBM says managers should cut down on remote work if they want to keep their jobs.

The tech company sent an internal memo on January 16. They asked all of US managers to report to an office or client location at least three days a week.

In this memo, they said the company would use badge-in data to “assess individual presence.”

IBM staff also assures they asked employees to live within 50 miles of an IBM office or client location.

Employees must complete their relocation arrangements by August.

Employees who can’t comply with the requirement or obtain a remote position must “separate from IBM.”

So what is the reason for this harsh RTO policy? A spokesperson said IBM was “focused on providing a work environment that balances flexibility with face-to-face interactions.”

This marks a huge shift from their previous policy. In May, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said he wouldn’t be forcing employees to return to the office.

Krishna, however, said that remote workers would be on the losing end when it comes to landing promotions.


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