Hybrid Workers Face Higher Burnout Risks Compared to Fully Remote Counterparts

man working remotely
The Deloitte 2023 Connected Consumer Survey inquired about experiences and sentiments over the past year while working from home. 

Deloitte clarified to Insider that when hybrid respondents answered, they likely considered their overall feelings, not solely issues related to remote work.

The survey, which Deloitte recently shared results from with Insider, encompassed approximately 240 fully remote workers, around 350 hybrid workers, and about 460 fully in-person workers. 

Among the findings, a higher percentage of hybrid workers, 40%, reported feeling stressed or burnt out in the past 12 months compared to 30% of fully remote workers. 

“They’re basically creating a unique schedule each and every week. That schedule then has diversity in terms of what a given day looks like. I do think that that lack of structure that many people who are navigating this hybrid return to work is causing some of that additional stress.” – Jana Arbanas, vice chair and Deloitte’s US Telecom

Over a third of hybrid workers also expressed a lack of adequate time for wellness, whereas almost a quarter of fully remote workers shared this sentiment.

Regarding feelings of disconnection from on-site colleagues, 25% of hybrid workers reported such feelings, compared to 13% of fully remote workers. 


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