Hybrid Work For Employee Engagement

employee engagement

Sysco LABS Sri Lanka builds hybrid and remote work models targeting employee engagement. 

During the past few years, the fast change and implementation of devices for virtual teams changed work models. And even after the pandemic, companies test different strategies to improve teamwork from a distance. 

Unlike another tech giant, Sysco LABS embraced remote work-life style changes. Now, they focus on several approaches to blend and meed people’s preferences. The ultimate goal is to improve employee engagement and experience. 

As Sysco LABS Director People Operations Rehan Anthonis said: “In a hybrid work world, with core drivers of engagement radically shifted. As an organisation, we have had to rethink our approach. At Sysco LABS, we strongly believe that key moments in the employee lifecycle present opportunities to create a sense of belonging. As expectations change, we have embraced new paradigms; addressed nuances and reinforced our culture delivering employee engagement and a high level of well-being.” 

The Sysco IT team focuses on a hybrid work culture to support employee engagement. The idea is to improve their experience from a personal and professional point of view. so, they create events and activities to stimulate connection and team-building; enforcing a positive and dynamic company culture. 

Nowadays, more employers are aware of the importance of human relationships. And employee engagement in a virtual workplace is a top priority. And the aim is to create a sense of belonging between hybrid and remote teams. So, people can enjoy their flexibility and freedom. At the same time, companies can grow their culture by improving their services. 


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