Hungary: One-Year White Card Digital Nomads Permit

white card digital nomad permit

Hungary joins other European countries targeting remote workers. The country introduces a one-year White Card digital nomad permit. In short, the new license allows remote workers to live in Hungary without local sponsorship.

After the example of countries like Albania and Romania, Hungary opens to remote workers and digital nomads. The new one-year permit allows working for an international company while livening in the country for a year.

Here are the core requirements for the one-year White Card digital nomad permit:

  • You must work for foreign clients or companies, continuing your work activities in the country through technological channels. 
  • Applicants must have an employer or tax certificate proving access at least €2,000/month of savings during the six-month period before the permit application and for the entire duration of the permit.
  • Document requirements: employment contract or proof of company ownership; feasibility of remote work; identification documents; proof of savings; local accommodation; travel tickets; and health insurance. 

The one-year digital nomad permit lasts one year. And applicants can ask for an extension if they meet the previous criteria. 

Application process for the Hungarian One-Year digital nomad permit: 

  • Remote workers must apply physically at a consular post or in the country.
  • Submit a photograph and fingerprints with the application. 
  • Government fees: €110 for consular applications or HUF 26,000-39,000 for in-country applications (reduced fee for online filing). 

The application process lasts approximately 30 calendar days. After arrival, applicants can register their accommodation and complete the application in the country.

As for other countries, the Hungarian government relies on this new one-year digital nomad permit to regulate remote workers and travelers. And restart the local economy. 


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