How to Find an Airbnb with Good WiFi

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What’s better than a comfortable Airbnb? A comfortable Airbnb with good WiFi! This is especially true for digital nomads. They travel a lot and what they’re looking for is not just comfort and affordability when they’re narrowing down on which Airbnb they will be going to next.

Good internet speed is of utmost importance these days as most of the work has gone online. Whether you’re at home or moving from one place to another from time to time, you’re worried about the internet speed at the next destination. Will you be able to download all of the videos you need to edit and submit by the end of the month? Will you be able to upload those heavy files in time before the launch of the new website?

As remote work takes center stage in everyone’s lives, it is essential for those who plan to move often, to scout around a little bit to find an Airbnb that is equipped with good WiFi so that you don’t have to live with this worry all the time. It is best to be prepared than to repent later. Read along to know how you can look for Airbnb with fast WiFi and be stress-free about your next work-life destination.

How to Find an Airbnb with Good WiFi?

1. Airbnb Has a WiFi Filter

This is the very first step that you take when you’re looking for an Airbnb with a good internet provider. Sometimes, we tend to forget to add everything we are looking for and only realize it right at the end of the booking cycle. This is something to keep in mind right at the beginning.

2. Amenities Section has The Details

You might not find this with every Airbnb listing, but it is best to choose the one that mentions the WiFi speed. You don’t want just to see the “WiFi” option and assume it will be the best one to later find out it’s only 2 Mbps. It is better to be safe than sorry!

3. Other Digital Nomads’ Reviews Matter!

With so many reviews on every Airbnb listing, it is tough to find whether or not someone has mentioned “WiFi”. You can search via “Ctrl + F” and use the search terms – Wifi or Internet. You will be able to see those words highlighted in the reviews..

When you do see such reviews, keep in mind  that what is fast for someone else could be slow for you! Look for reviews that are more descriptive and mention what the WiFi was used for. For example, if more videos were downloaded, the internet needs to have more speed. If it was used for only browsing and using emails, and even then the speed was dismal, no point even considering that place!

4. Choose a WiFi-Friendly Region

Some of you might wonder if a WiFi-friendly region is actually a thing? Well, it is. If you’re looking for heavy file uploads and downloads, you’ll prefer 100Mbps speed on the WiFi. Even though Tahiti is stunning, it might not have the best internet speed for your work.

Roamer is a Chrome browser extension that can help you find regions that provide good speed internet.

5. Ask, Don’t Assume

While this is a life advice that works in almost every situation, when it comes to finding an Airbnb with good WiFi, this could save you a lot of money and hassle.

Most hosts have no problem in sharing their WiFi internet speed with you. If they don’t respond or hesitate without a clear proof, avoid that host at all costs.

Airbnb doesn’t allow any sharing of pictures between hosts and travellers but you can always tell the host to upload the Airbnb test internet speed screenshot on their listing. It is easy for them to do and makes it so much more easier for you to decide.

You can send them an email/message and most will respond within 24 hours.

6. Try the Place for a Few Days

This might sound odd but it is best to first stay at the Airbnb host’s property for one or two days before committing to staying there for a long time in one shot.

Once you stay there for a couple of days, you will be able to figure out the internet speed and whether or not it works for you. If you’re satisfied, you can prolong your stay and if not, you can easily pack your bags and go to another one.

7. Ask A Fellow Digital Nomad

You’re not alone. There are so many digital nomads like you who love to travel while they work. Apart from Reddit, there are other social platforms and forums where you can always find discussions about Airbnb WiFi speeds.

You will find not only relevant information about Airbnb WiFi but the discussions could also lead you to find out more information about the region you’re about to visit. You can also help fellow digital nomads with all the information you have. This exchange could lead to great friendships too!

Take Some Time To Do Your Research

Eventually, all that is mentioned in this article will make sense if you start your search early. If you are deciding to visit a region, it is best to start your research about Airbnb and the WiFi at least 2-3 months before, especially if the region is more of a secluded place or not an often visited one.

No matter which place you narrow down on, you’ll get the most satisfaction from the speed of the WiFi at the Airbnb you’re staying at because you don’t want work to suffer while you sip Piña Coladas one after the other at the pristine blue beach! Of course, you have to take care of the work-life balance, but if you’re a MOBA junkie like I am, you will need high internet speed for the “life” in the “work-life” balance too! WiFi is almost always a priority!

Enjoy the planning for your next destination and don’t forget to let us know if these tips helped you find the right Airbnb with good WiFi! 


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