Build Your Home With AI-embedded Technologies

AI-embedded technologies

Nestor presents its new Cube Two X, a mobile home withAI-embedded technologies. The new cube is for traveling families and remote workers.

New and alternative workstations aren’t appearing only in the forest. Nestron is a home-builder using AI-embedded technologies. The company creates modern and mobile constructions. These homes are more affordable and sustainable, compatible with the flexible lifestyle of remote workers. 

Nestron’s latest model, Cube Two X, is designed for a family. Available with one-bedroom or two-bedroom configurations, the Cube is almost 376 square feet large. The unit is made of a steel frame wrapped with fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). Its materials can resist extreme temperature and weather conditions such as heatwaves, hurricanes, and earthquakes. In addition, the Cube is very sustainable. To specify, 90% of the materials are recyclable–especially plastic is 100% recyclable.

Inside, you can find a dining and living area with built-in furniture. In addition, optional features include:

  • Electric-heated flooring
  • Smart mirror
  • Music system
  • Concealed electric stove

Finally, AI-embedded technologies allow integrated voice-control options. Eco-friendly and innovative, the Cube is one of the best options to work and travel. Features are move-in ready, and there is no need to install anything after moving away. 

The remote work revolution is bringing numerous changes for living and working habits. Flexible homes with AI-embedded technologies are one of the most interesting trends for the upcoming years. 

Images by Nestor.


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