According to Hiring Managers, Pandemic-driven Remote Work Will Continue

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According to a Harris Poll Survey by Express Employment Professionals, 82% of U.S. hiring managers at companies that worked remotely during the pandemic said their organizations plan to continue allowing employees to work remotely. 

Remote work isn´t going anywhere. While certain companies are pushing towards returning to traditional onsite work, others are likely to continue establishing hybrid remote work models.

Hiring Managers Said Remote Work Will Continue

The poll surveyed 1,003 hiring managers, and here are some of the key findings:

  • 82% said that their organizations plan to continue staff to work remotely
  • 59% said remote work had positively impacted their organizations
  • 39% reported no change in terms of employee productivity during the pandemic compared to onsite work
  • 37% said that productivity increased during the pandemic

According to Express Employment Professionals CEO Bill Stoller, retention and remote work go hand in hand. He said that hybrid work helped their organization reduce turnover, especially in vulnerable groups, such as those with childcare issues or mental health concerns.


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