Birmingham Firms Acquires Digital Travel Startup

digital travel startup

A Birmingham-based insurance firm acquired a digital travel startup based in the area. 

Insured Nomads offers different health insurance packages to remote workers, digital nomads, and travelers. The UK company announced the acquisition of Peanut. The digital travel startup provides a Chrome extension several with travel information for users, including:

  • Health risks
  • Local entry requirements
  • Weather guidance
  • Hotel history and reviews
  • Flight delay risks and prices
  • Insurance requirements for each destination

After the spread of COVID restrictions, international travel brings numerous challenges. From local requirements to legislation changes, travelers need to research any information. For example, Insured Nomads reveal over 20 countries requiring entry insurance policies to enter. And Peanut informs travelers about possible insurance plans for almost every country.

As Insured Nomads CEO Andrew Jernigan: “At Insured Nomads, we help travelers move around the world as safely and smartly as possible, and that starts with booking. We acquired Peanut because it’s a game-changing travel tech. Delivering this type of essential travel information has simply never been done before.”

In addition, the digital travel startup provides destinations’ update data. Peanut offers packages to air travelers developed with alumni from different social media to provide accurate and updated information to users. As Peanut CEO Brady Simpson says: “Having access to the right information and travel products, such as insurance, is vital to exploring the world or working remotely today. That’s why we created the tool during Covid-19.”

Even with restrictions lifted, the digital travel startup provides a valuable service for digital nomads and travelers. 


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