Half Of New Zealand Employees Want Remote Work

Half of the employees in New Zealand said they would like to work from home more frequently.

They ask for remote work despite their employers’ discouraging such arrangements.

A survey from InternetNZ found that 61% of New Zealanders have a job that allows them to work from home.

More than half (52%) said they would like to work remotely more than they currently do.

However, employees identified many barriers to a WFH arrangement. 46% said the main issue is employers’ RTO mandates.

20% said their main barrier was needing to be at work for face-to-face meetings.

The findings from InternetNZ’s Internet Insights 2023, surveyed 1,001 New Zealanders aged 18 and above.

A recent Randstad report found that flexible work is a non-negotiable for more than half of employees.

Offers for remote work remain above pre-pandemic levels in New Zealand, according to SEEK NZ analysis. 

Half of New Zealanders whose jobs allow remote work would consider moving if they could relocate from their current job.

Their main reasons include:

  • Better lifestyle (51%)
  • More affordable housing (50%)
  • More affordable lifestyle (49%)
  • Opportunity for change (36%)
  • Be closer to the beach/countryside/outdoors (32%)
  • New adventures/friends/experiences (26%)

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