Grow Remote: $1000 and Free Training for Remote Workers

Free training for remote workers
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Over the course of 2023, the Grow Remote community fund will grant new chapters of the organization access to about $1,000.

Grow Remote, a non-profit organization created in Ireland that promotes remote working methods, has introduced a new fund and training program for those who wish to bring remote working to their communities.

Grow Remote’s new Changemakers program was created to provide people the tools they need to accomplish long-lasting social change in their communities. In order to give individuals the knowledge and tools they need to adopt remote working, the program includes calls for leaders to fly the remote working flag.

A community fund and a training program for local leaders have also been launched in conjunction with the program. The latter is a free six-module online course created to assist those who want to start their own regional Grow Remote “chapters” or communities.

There are currently chapters of Grow Remote in 220 different countries. These new tools follow the publication earlier this year of its Community Playbook, a manual on remote work. The manual offers suggestions on how SMEs may implement remote work methods from remote employees at businesses including Flipdish, eBay, Shopify, and Vodafone.

Over the course of 2023, these new chapters will have access to $1,000 through the community fund. The financing is meant to assist the emerging chapters in achieving one of three social objectives: fostering social connections among local distant workers, creating local jobs, or repopulating a nearby region.

Hopefully, the program will “further spread the social impact of remote employment by attracting remote advocates from all over the world,” according to Dónal Kearney, community manager at Grow Remote.

Grow Remote’s co-founder Tracy Keogh noted that since the organization’s founding in 2018, it has expanded significantly through grassroots action.

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