Greenhouse Studio Launches A Virtual Co-working Community

virtual co-working community

In partnership with the Australian Government Funded Market Development Facility (MDF), The Greenhouse Studio launches Greenhouse Coworking. The workplace offers full-service for their in-person and virtual co-working community.   

Waiting for a lightening of COVID restrictions, Greenhouse Coworking launches a virtual co-working community. Starting this week, the initiative offers flexible membership options for remote workers and those seeking a shared office. 

As MDF Country Director, Malcolm Bossley, states: “MDF is happy to support this timely initiative to develop the first professionally set up and managed Co-working Space (CS) for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the country. […] This will now provide local MSMEs with access to a virtual community of support; as well as affordable office space; hot desks; meeting rooms; networking opportunities; and business development services.”

GreenHouse New Virtual Co-Working Community

Greenhouse Coworking aims to provide an online platform and a physical workspace. The initiative targets anyone looking for an affordable space to work and grow.

The new virtual co-working community membership offers: 

  • Access to weekly community and networking events; 
  • Classes and training; 
  • Funding, partnership, mentoring, coaching, and consultancy opportunities.
  • Facilities with Wi-fi, desks, work equipment, and bars. 

The core aim of the initiative is to create a sense of community among members to face the isolation and loneliness of the never-ending restriction. 

The first free workshops will start on 25th August. The Dreamer To Doer workshop will teach participants how to react to the pandemic with strategies for goal-setting, productivity, and motivational tools.

Check here to find more information to become part of the virtual co-working community.


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