Green Bay Council Will Vote On Remote Work Policy

Remote work policy
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

According to Green Bay council members, the City of Green Bay will vote on a remote work policy on Tuesday.

“Probationary employees or employees who’ve had issues with their work won’t be allowed to use this,” Green Bay Alderman Bill Galvin of District 4 said.Bill Gavin, Green Bay Alderman

The discussion happened on August 24 at the city’s personnel committee. There was a unanimous vote by the committee.

According to the policy, employees with jobs that require face-to-face communication won’t be eligible for remote work. Also those who work for police, fire, and transit union can’t participate.

Some city employees have been working remotely since last year because of the pandemic.

“[Human Resources] has already been training up the managers on how to properly supervise people remotely, and make sure they’re doing jobs, and getting things done, and not taking advantage you know of the situation.”Bill Gavin, Green Bay Alderman

According to the policy, unannounced visits to the employee’s remote work site could happen to ensure compliance.

According to Gavin, if the change is approved by the common council, it shouldn’t impact city services.

“People that are waiting for city employees to respond or check over their paperwork, or applications or anything else like that, there’s going to be no changes at all. It’ll be done, it’ll be done on time.”Bill Gavin, Green Bay Alderman

The common council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 6 p.m.

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