Grant for Co-working in Rocky Mount

grant for co-working

Franklin County is applying for a grant for co-working in downtown Rocky Mount.

Following the trend of co-working expansion, the grant will improve services and facilities for remote workers. The spaces target freelancers and small local businesses.  

Last October, the country won a $1 million grant from the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission. After that, they turn 40 West Church St. into a co-working center and flexible office building.

As Rocky Mount cultural & economic development director, Daniel Pinard, said: “We have a significant shortage of commercial space. We have very little office space currently available for rent and what we do have is often much larger than what businesses need, especially a startup business.”

The new grant for co-working will improve the office space (70%), the open desks space (20%), and flexible or common space (10%). Members will be able to choose between daily, weekly, and monthly deals and other arrangements. 

The aim is to support networks and collaborations among locals and smaller businesses. So, the grant for co-working will help the county improve all its services. 


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