Glean is Creating A Unique Search Engine for Each Company


Glean has an interesting proposal for remote companies: a knowledge database for employees. Or, in other words, a Google for your company. Glean is focusing on building a tool that helps companies have everything they need in a single place. It will connect apps like Google Drive, Gmail, and Slack, creating a company-specific knowledge database.

With companies shifting to hybrid models, tools become a key aspect of their prosperity. The right tools enable companies to establish solid communication channels and documentation and increase productivity. 

Glean: Google for Your Company

For Arvind Jain, CEO of Glean, the best way employees can stay connected and have all the information they need is with the right tool. 

“Glean is connected to all of your company´s knowledge. You can ask Glean a question, and it will give answers back to you without having to search through all of your organization´s applications.”

Besides connecting apps like Google Drive and Slack, Glean also tracks who works at the company and their positions and project. 


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