Remote or Hybrid Work is Preferred by 55% of Gen Z Graduates


As graduation season approaches, a notable portion of Gen Z candidates is poised to join the workforce. Understanding their preferred working model and workspace expectations, NinjaOne conducted a study to shed light on these aspects for the digital-native generation.

The study revealed that a majority of Gen Z students graduating this year, specifically 55%, express a preference for remote or hybrid work. Among them, 23% favor remote work, while 32% opt for a hybrid work arrangement. 

Additionally, 38% of respondents highlighted the requirement of working from the office five days a week as a significant obstacle in finding their ideal job.

As Gen Z emerges as the future of the corporate world, the success of the evolving work landscape hinges on organizations effectively integrating them into their workforce. 

To attract and retain Gen Z employees, companies must prioritize providing flexible working hours (54%), fostering skill development opportunities (49%), promoting health and wellness programs (45%), and understanding their unique motivations and priorities (36%).

Shay Mowlem, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at NinjaOne, emphasizes that this necessitates businesses to modernize their IT support to accommodate a global hybrid workforce.


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