Gatheround Raises $4 Million to Help Remote Teams Connect Better

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Gatheround, a team engagement and collaboration platform, has reached a total of $3.5 million in seed funding from Homebrew, Bloomberg, and Stripe’s COO, with also $500,000 previously raised. 

Remote work was the topic of the year during 2020. Now that the possibility of returning to the office keeps increasing, companies continue transforming their working structure. From tech companies to banks, the hybrid work model has become the new workplace reality.

Yet, companies like Google and JPMorgan have announced they will be soon returning to the office. The main reason is that they want to maintain their office-centric culture. 

One of the main struggles companies face with remote work is the lack of connection among remote workers. This is why platforms such as Gatheround have the purpose of enabling remote companies and teams to build stronger relationships. 

Companies Continue Investing in Remote Work

Statistics show that collaboration, communication, and loneliness are the biggest challenges remote workers have to deal with when working remotely. 

This is why companies such as Gatheround emphasize building remote culture and putting effort into communication and collaboration. This remote startup was fighting against this challenge before covid-19 was around. And, now that most companies are shifting their focus to a hybrid environment, they are interested in learning how to help their remote teams connect better. 

Lisa Conn, Gatheround co-founder, and COO told TechCrunch that:

For remote companies, a big challenge or problem that is now bordering on a crisis is how to build connection, trust and empathy between people that aren’t sharing a physical space. There’s no five-minute conversations after meetings, no shared meals, no cafeterias – this is where connection organically builds.

Gatheround has the purpose of connecting people online through real-time events like chats, video, one-on-one, and group debates/conversations. The company also has activities, events, and workshops on different topics. 

And as this concept is revolutionizing the remote work world, more companies are investing in this type of platform. For instance, Asana, Coinbase, Fiverr, DigitalOcean, and universities, are among Gatheround’s customer base.

Now, the company has raised $4 million to continue growing and helping remote teams connect better. And it’s not the only company with the same purpose; FirstBasealso reached a total of $15 million in investment. 

As remote work takes the lead, more big companies are investing in startups that continue focusing on hybrid and fully remote work environments. 


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