Distributed Companies’ Workspace Management Firm Gable Raises $16M Funding

Gable funding
Photo by Arlington Research on Unsplash

Today, the firm Gable announced a $16 million funding. Gable assists distributed businesses in managing office space for their staff. Employees may rent a desk next to a coworker on Gable’s portal to see where they are working that day, and the organization can manage budgets and track staff satisfaction. Tishman Speyer Ventures, Ulu Ventures, and January Ventures also contributed to the funding, which is being jointly overseen by SemperVirens and Foundation Capital.

“Most employees want flexibility, but they also want the ability to meet with coworkers and connect. Meanwhile, companies find it hard to provide workspaces across locations, stay on top of budgets, and have insight into how the spaces are being utilized. That’s where Gable comes in.” Liza Mash Levin, co-founder, and CEO of Gable

Employees may use Gable to browse and reserve among thousands of available workplaces within a set financial budget. Anybody on the team may use the personalized portal to ask others to join them anywhere and to view each other’s workspaces. Employers who use Gable have observed a 75% increase in employee interest in going into the workplace. These capabilities make it easier to schedule and organize events and reserve a desk in the business’s permanent premises.

Former Microsoft PM and engineering leaders Liza Mash Levin and Omri Haviv created the business. In 2020, Gable was introduced just as COVID-19 started requiring businesses to transition to remote work and drastically alter how and where teams collaborated.

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