Formula 1´s Toto Wolff Belives Remote Work Will Be Key To the Future of Racing

Mercedes F1

Toto Wolff, Austrian billionaire, and Mercedes AMG Petronas CEO, believes that technology and remote work will be key elements to the future´s success. While F1 requires a lot of manual labor conducted onsite during race days, many engineers are working at home. 

The pandemic impacted all companies regardless of their industry. While for some, it was easier to shift their tasks and daily duties to a fully remote environment, for other industries, it was more challenging. F1, for instance, is known for its manual labor; however, according to F1´s magnate, this is changing.

Toto Wolff Belives Remote Work is The Future 

While F1 is an unlike candidate for remote work habits, Toto Wolff is an arena yet to be explored. Mercedes Petronas CEO believes that keeping more engineering at home while cars race can become an advantage for future improvements and analyze races and strategy more closely. 

Additionally, F1 allows each team to bring a maximum of 90 pit crew during race days. This means that 2,000 engineers and mechanics stay at home. Toto Wolff mentioned during Lisbon´s Web Summit that this is an advantage:

“The more you can do remotely, the less you need to ship, and the more qualified your resources are back at base, the better your surgery and operations are on the field. If I can use 10 of my best engineers back in Oxford rather than just one guy I can take on the field, this becomes about performance and beating our competitors.”


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