Flexible Work Model for Chattanooga Employees

chatanooga offices with flexible work model
Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

With the steadily fading pandemic in consideration, Chattanooga employers are looking at ways to bring in a flexible work model for their employees.

“After careful planning, gathering input from our employees, we made the decision to begin a voluntary phased return to on site work beginning July 6th. We believe that our employees will have more flexibility than they did before the pandemic. This working model improves the work-life balance for our employees and it just makes Bluecross more resilient.”Dayla Qualls, Director of Communications with Bluecross Blueshield

Around 70% of the employees will work remotely most of the time as the company’s aim is to offer a flexible work model.

While at TVA, the staff is expected to work remotely until after Labor Day. The federal utility will create a plan for employees’ phased return to the workplace.

“After Labor Day, we’ll start looking at what that phased in approach might look like, that’s mostly to accommodate family needs, ongoing health concerns that people have.”Malinda Hunter, TVA spokesperson.

Malinda Hunter expressed that going forward, TVA is aiming for a flexible work model as there are many employees who have mixed opinions on the working models of the future. While many prefer working from home, some others prefer to work from office from time to time if not full-time.

“Some employees do want to come back full time, some don’t want to come back at all. So the management team is working on what they think might be good and to consider what the flexible options might be, depending on the job that’s required.”Malinda Hunter, TVA spokesperson.

Many other companies in Chattanooga like Unum have announced a hybrid work model, that lets employees choose remote work when they want to.

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