Firstbase Raises $13 Million to Help Companies Implement Remote Work Successfully

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Firstbase, a provider of remote infrastructure for distributed teams, recently announced they closed a $13 million Series A to help companies that are transitioning towards a remote work model. The new round led by Andreessen Horowitz also had the participation of B Capital Group and Alpaca VC. 

More and more companies are convinced that remote and hybrid models are no longer the future but the present. As some offices continue to open, others are adapting their spaces to allow employees to work both from home and the office.

What is Firstbase?

Firstbase was originally a fintech company founded by Chris Herd that transformed into a software platform to assist companies in managing and maintaining their equipment.

The company realized that many remote teams were struggling mostly because of not having the right tools, and they decided to come to the rescue. From startups to big companies, Firstbase focuses on providing setup, management, and retrieval of the physical equipment remote workers need to perform successfully.

After a year where most companies worked remotely, the company has the objective of assisting remote teams with all their needs. 

Firstbase Reached $15M in Funding

The company announced today that they reached the $15 M with the help of David Goldberg at Alpaca, who invested $2M in August 2020, and today they received the $13 M Series A led by David Ulevitch from A16Z.

Uletvitch highlighted the potential of the company even before the pandemic: 

There is absolutely a gigantic company to be built here. Firstbase isn’t just about getting the right desk or laptop for the WFH employee, but they’ll ultimately power the entire experience of being a productive, happy, remote employee.David Ulevitch

The company announced in their blog the predicted growth remote work will have during the upcoming years and how with these funding seeds they will be able to help companies thrive in a virtual environment. Chris Herd wrote in the blog:

That is the massive challenge and opportunity laid out in front of us, one that we are incredibly excited to tackle and Firstbase is ready to solve. Our mission, to improve individuals’ quality of life by enabling remote work, is a big one. My hope is that more people have the opportunity to work around living escaping the current model where we are forced to live around work. Access to opportunity will be democratized as where you live no longer determines the job you can. What should emerge are the most accessible, diverse, and inclusive companies in history. Everyone in the remote work space must contribute to ensuring that happens.Chris Herd

Working remotely has never been easier, especially with platforms such as Firstbase, that want to help employees and companies have the best remote experience possible. 


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