Fingal Growing In Remote Worker Population

Remote worker population
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

North County Dublin might soon have more workers than any other part of the country.

According to the most recent census, Fingal has the youngest and fastest-growing population in the country. This is where Grow Remote comes into play. Grow Remote is a social company that was formed in 2018 as a non-profit.

It collaborates with companies, employees, and job seekers to make remote work more accessible, allowing individuals in Ireland to live, work, and engage in their communities.

Grow Remote, at its core, is a community development organisation dedicated to social impact. It accomplishes this by establishing localised “chapters” where remote workers may meet, engage socially, and lead community-based initiatives.

The North Dublin branch of Grow Remote was formed just before Christmas, and its dedicated Facebook page already boasts over 125 members (where local events are organized).

At the moment, these are largely made up of workers who work in hybrid arrangements. Dónal Kearney, a remote worker, is in charge of the North Dublin group.

“So many chapter members used to commute into Dublin city, or even Drogheda, back in 2020. What we’re seeing now is awkward conversations between managers and employees about returning to the office for no apparent reason. There are lots of employees who are unsure about their future working arrangements – especially in the public sector.” Dónal Kearney

Grow Remote’s internal online community has over 3,000 remote employees from all around the world, and its social media reaches 30,000 individuals each month.

“Grow Remote is really about offline connection. Since January, we’ve run two local coffee meet-ups per month for remote workers to meet and chat about their own situation. In a time of drastic change, it’s been a real comfort for remote workers to find a space to show solidarity -especially with local people who live nearby.”Dónal Kearney

Tracy Keogh, a Kinvara native and co-founder of Grow Remote, was named a global leader in the sector by in their annual report last month.

Grow Remote was already a pre-pandemic expert on remote work best practise when it comes to remote employment and the societal benefit it delivers, having formally established the social company in 2018.

“It’s our job to drive societal change in Ireland so that employment is available to everybody, regardless of where they live. We believe that this will help reinvigorate our local communities with more people being able to spend both their time and their money there, and – in turn – make Ireland a really competitive space in remote work and have a thriving ecosystem for remote workers,”Tracy Keogh, Co-founder, Grow Remote

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