Finance Platform Tide Rolls Out ”Work Outside The Office” Policy

Work outside the office Tide
Photo by Dessidre Fleming on Unsplash

To promote work-life balance among its workers and help them save time and money on commutes, business finance platform Tide has implemented a “Work Outside The Office Policy” for its worldwide workforce.

Employees are eligible for unlimited in-country remote work and flexible out-of-country remote work for 90 days per year under the policy.

In order to promote teamwork and face-to-face interaction, the firm is concurrently investing in renovating all of its office facilities and planning frequent social events.

The pandemic, according to Mercer’s 2022 Global Talent Trends study, highlighted the importance of a skills-based talent model and agile work design in creating the workforce of the future, with 74 percent of workers saying they will only join a company if it allows for hybrid or full-time remote work.

“As a global company that strives to cater to the diverse needs and lifestyles of our employees, giving employees the flexibility to choose the work environment that suits them is a no brainer. Whether that’s home-based to reduce commuting time, in one of our offices to collaborate with others face-to-face, overseas whilst visiting family, or a mix of all of these, it’s all about what works for them.”Liza Haskell, chief administrative officer, Tide

The majority of the company’s 850+ Indian workers are headquartered in its Hyderabad technological centre. The company is already stepping up activities in preparation for an official launch in India early next year.

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