New Mexico: Empty Offices for Remote Work 

empty offices remote work

New Mexico is paying for empty offices for remote work growing trend. 

After the pandemic, working remotely became a style of life. From digital nomads to slow travelers, most people decided to keep working online and live abroad. 

As the trend grew, Mexico became one of the hottest destinations for digital nomads. However, this trend highly impacted the local housing system, and locals started complaining because of the higher rents. And as most people work from home in the country, the housing market keeps changing. 

According to the Mexican program evaluation from the Legislature’s budget and accountability office, New Mexico is maintaining full buildings and office floors, which are always empty. After the COVID pandemic, most employees prefer working from home to returning to the office. 

The inspection found that these buildings cost the state up to $18 million annually. Even with the facility with a $1.2 million annual lease, agencies don’t have the plan to come to the office. For example, over 38% of state employees work from home when they want to. So, the state government is spending almost $158 million a year only for maintenance, utilities, and rent. And these buildings remain empty because of remote work. 

So, the state is paying for empty office buildings for remote work trend. And it’s taking action to change the city housing planning. 


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