Employees Seek Control Over The Workday Through Flexible Hours

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The Harris Poll conducted a new survey and found 68% of employees want flexible work hours, and 52% want remote work options. The main reason is to help them feel more in control of their workday.

The survey, which polled more than 500 employers and 1,000 workers, found employee respondents said they’d like their employer to further support control over their workdays through methods such as communicating the importance of work-life balance (51%) and additional paid time off (44%).

82% of employer respondents said they’ve taken actions to ensure employees feel more in control. 41% offered flexible hours and 34% offered remote work options.

57% of employers said they’re actively eliminated ‘time wasters’ such as online distractions, disorganization, unnecessary tasks such as redundant approval processes and reporting, and unnecessary meetings.


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