13% Of Employees Fell For Phishing Attacks Working From Home

In a new report, 13% of employees admitted to falling for a phishing attack while working from home.

A new report by Lookout analyzed cyber threats faced by remote workers.13% of employees admitted they’d fallen for a phishing attack while working from home.

80% of survey participants admitted that when working from home on Fridays in the summer months, they are more relaxed and distracted.

21% of employees said that they would continue working business as usual if they fell victim to a phishing attack while working remotely on a Friday, with 9% indicating that they’d wait until after the weekend to report it.

The study also showed that stopping employees from working remotely isn’t a viable solution. 65% of respondents said they’d leave their jobs if the rules around remote work changed.

Using personal devices for work greatly increases the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks

When people work from home, they frequently do it from a device that is less likely to be managed by their employer, such as a home PC, a tablet, or a personal mobile phone. In the study, 68% revealed they are more likely to use their personal devices for work.


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