62% Of Employees Feel More Productive When Working Remotely

man working remotely

According to a study from Owl Labs and Global Workplace Analytics, 62% of employees feel more productive when working remotely. 52% even said they’d trade a slight reduction in pay for the option to work remotely.

These numbers show the importance of work-life balance and how highly it´s valued by employees in an organization. Higher job satisfaction means a greater likelihood that they’ll stay with the company.

The traditional in-office setting can be overwhelming for people with social anxiety because they may feel pressure to conform to cultural, social etiquette or body language expectations.

The report also shows remote work levels the playing field by removing barriers related to body language, posture, or other differences in how someone engages socially. This helps ensure everyone’s contributions are heard and valued equally.

For these reasons, remote work is particularly beneficial for neurodivergent individuals because it allows them to comfortably engage in discussions without feeling the need to conform to social norms.


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