60% of Employees Want to Become Digital Nomads Within the Next Three Years

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The 2022 Future of Work Survey by Aquent revealed that employees´ desire for freedom has increased. Over 60% of employees from different industries and ages wish to become digital nomads for up to a year within the next three years. Their only concern about this decision is in terms of career progression.

The number of digital nomads has increased since the pandemic. For many months, people across the world had to deal with lockdowns; once this was over, it led many to rethink their lifestyle. Consequently, employees who companies supported remote work decided to travel the world and slow travel. 

Survey Reveals Employees Want to Become Digital Nomads 

Aquent’s report took a closer look at employees’ priorities regarding work environment and flexibility. The key finding is that over 60% want to become travelers while working within the next three years. Additionally, global location flexibility is currently the most important policy digital nomads look out for when considering work in a company, followed by formal contracts, paid insurance, an integrated workforce, established working hours, data security, and compensation. 

For Phil Lewis, Aquent senior VP and industry leader for technology, media, and entertainment 

“No matter how you slice it, the unyielding popularity of remote work means that it is here to stay,” 

Other key findings:

  • 73% of workers said full flexibility, including the ability to choose on-site, remote, or hybrid work, contributes the most to work-life balance. 
  • 77% of workers between 18 to 24 are concerned that hybrid work will restrict their career progression, while 61% of workers between 25 to 40, 56% of those ages 41 to 55, and 54% of those 56 or older share the same concern. 

The Aquent and Vitamin T survey took place from June to July and included responses from 3,484 marketing, creative, and design workers.


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