30% Of Employees Are More Productive Working From Home

woman working remotely

A new survey of Australian workers revealed 30% believe they are more productive working from home.

A new study by the Great Aussie Debate surveyed more than 50,000 Australian workers recently. Participants answered 50 questions, revealing their opinions on remote work.

29.2% of respondents claimed they were “much more productive” when working at home.

The majority of workers, 29.7%, said their productivity depended on how they were feeling on the day.

A smaller number of people, 22.4%, admitted they were less productive, with things like cleaning distracting them throughout the day.

Men were more likely than women to admit they were putting in less effort when working remotely, with people over the age of 60 most likely to select this option as well.

Younger workers were most likely to say their productivity depended on the day and how they were feeling, while people in the 40-49 age range got the most work done while at home.

The survey also asked participants about quiet quitting, a recent trend. It appears the majority of workers think it´s too risky, with 44.4% saying it “does your reputation too much harm.”

However, there was still a significant amount of employees who admitted to doing it in the past, with 11,000 of the 50,000 respondents saying they had quiet quit before.


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