Besides Ending Remote Work, Elon Musk Tells Twitter Employees to “Work Long Hours At High Intensity”


Elon Musk recently ended remote work, demanding Twitter employees return to the office. But now, he is also demanding that they should commit to “Long hours at high intensity” or leave the company, according to new reports.

After a back-and-forth negotiation, Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter, and he soon began to make changes. No more remote work, thousands of employees are being laid off, and now, those who want to keep their jobs need to work for longer hours.

Elon Musk & Twitter

In a report published by the Washington Post, Musk sent an email to the staff saying that all employees should agree to the pledge if they wanted to stay. Those who didn’t sign it by Thursday will be given three months of severance pay. 

In the email, Musk also said that staff needs to be willing to “be extremely hardcore” if they want to succeed. This means working for longer hours, where only great performance will “constitute a passing grade.” 

Employees are now expected to be in at least 40 hours a week in the office.

According to BCC and tech investor Sarah Kunst, the main reason why Twitter is facing these difficulties is that Musk purchased the company with debt. 


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