Elon Musk Calls Remote Work Unfair And Immoral

Tesla CEO

Elon Musk called remote work “morally wrong” in a wide-ranging interview with CNBC.

The Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter CEOs said that remote work does not just bring issues regarding productivity but also moral ones. He said the pandemic is over and called the work-from-home model that many relied on “fundamentally unfair and out of touch”.

“It’s like really? You’re gonna work from home and you’re gonna make everyone else who made your car come work in the factory? You’re gonna make people who make your food that gets delivered — they can’t work from home? The people that come fix your house? They can’t work from home, but you can?” Elon Musk

He also expressed a personal dislike for those who choose to work from home. 

“People should get off their goddamn moral high horse with this bulls—- because they’re asking everyone else to not work from home while they do. It’s wrong,” Elon Musk

Elon Musk is no stranger to attacking remote work. He has talked extensively about sleeping in the Tesla offices during intense work periods to inspire his employees. He now also says he sometimes sleeps in Twitter’s offices.

Shortly after he took over Twitter last year, he ended the company’s “work from home forever” policy, which had been created by the company’s previous CEO, Jack Dorsey, and ordered everyone back into the office.


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