Digital Remote Program Focusing on Counties in Northern Central Kansas

Kansas State University and the North Central Regional Planning Commission are embarking on a collaborative effort in four counties located in the northern central region of Kansas. 

This initiative, known as the Remote Online Initiative, aims to enhance the income prospects of participants while simultaneously contributing to the economic revitalization of rural communities.

The project has secured funding through a NetWorked Community Solutions Grant from NetWork Kansas. Ron Wilson, the project coordinator, has revealed that individuals residing in Clay, Dickinson, Marshall, and Washington counties are eligible to receive scholarships. 

These scholarships will cover the cost of month-long online courses, leading to certifications as remote work professionals or remote work leaders.

“Remote work creates opportunity for rural residents and expands the talent pool available to rural businesses. These month-long courses will equip participants to work remotely and receive certification…thus demonstrating proven skills to potential clients or employers.” Ron Wilson 

Scholarship opportunities are open for online courses commencing on October 2nd, covering both professional and remote work leadership options. 

Additionally, the professional course is scheduled to run in November and January.


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