Being a Digital Nomad in France 

digital nomad france

As a digital nomad, you can work and travel in the most beautiful locations in the world. And being a digital nomad in France has numerous benefits. 

After the pandemic hit, most countries are promoting convenient initiatives to welcome digital nomads to restart the local economy. France is one of the best destinations for digital nomads because of its rich and diverse landscape.

Here are reasons why France is one of the best destinations to work and travel:

France is an ideal base to travel across Europe while working, from cultural cities to blooming countryside. The country is closed to SpainGermanythe Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy. So, being a digital nomad in France means having many opportunities and alternatives for short trips and accommodation. 

In addition, France provided high-speed wi-fi and several co-working spaces. The country has multiple cafes to work, and most cities provide public internet. 

France is very active in the technology sector, making the country a great hub to network and connect with IT companies and startups.

Last but not least, you can live short-term in France without a visa. Unlike other countries, also US citizens can travel to the country for business and pleasure for ninety days without a visa. 

So, if you are thinking about new locations for your travels, being a digital nomad in France is a great option! 


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