Digital Mobilities Conference: November 2021 in Greece


The first Digital Mobilities Conference: Nomads & Remote Workers will take place on November 8 and 9 in Greece. The conference is gathering different participants, such as the Digital Nomads Observatory (DNO) that studies and promotes this type of lifestyle. Also, the Hellenic Laboratory of Social Innovation (HLSI) will support and participate actively in the conference. 

There has been significant growth in the number of digital nomads and remote workers. With the pandemic and the implementation of flexible work in different industries, people are more interested in improving their lifestyles. Consequently, countries around the world are implementing strategies to attract digital nomads as a way to improve their local economies.

What is the Digital Mobilities Conference About?

The 1st Digital Mobilities Conference is organized by the team of The Savvy Reps, on behalf of the Digital Nomads Observatory (DNO), and it has also received the support and auspices of the REBRAIN GREECE initiative that already built a digital platform to connect foreign scientists with companies in Greece. 

The conference aims to provide digital nomads and remote workers with different types of resources and tools for their various needs. Greek and international speakers will present the best practices of destinations that are top of the list in the digital nomad communities. While Greek destinations agencies and other organizations will also unfold the actions, they are currently attracting this audience. 

The conference will also highlight all the social and economic benefits of hosting digital nomads and remote workers for a destination and the country. Additionally, they will present Greece’s new legal framework, especially for digital nomads and remote entrepreneurs interested in moving to the region. 

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