Deutsche Bank Ends Remote Work

Deutsche Bank joins the list of companies announcing a return to office, saying that its employees must go back at least three days a week.

Despite always being pro remote work, Deutsche Bank made the announcement through a memo to its employees.

It stated that managers across the company must report to the office at least four days per week.

Other employees will be required to be in the office at least three days per week, starting in June 2024.

The memo said these new guidelines: “will ensure consistency across the bank”.

The internal goal is to “strengthen senior leadership presence in the office, which remains the primary place of work.”

Until now, the bank offered a considerably flexible work-from-home policy during and after the pandemic.

The news likely comes as a shock to the 85,000 employees at the bank.

Previously, employees were encouraged “to work remotely up to 40-60% of their time based on their role, activity and country.”

Deutsche Bank has previously been quite public about the success of its remote work policy.

They used to publish studies and infographics, stating their productivity numbers while working from home. 

Despite statistics that show the value of remote work, many businesses want workers back to their commute.


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