Releases Improvements To Their Remote Work Platform remote work platform
Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash announced that their latest release would include new type of customizable workspaces with unlimited desktops which can be used by different partners or team members. users can have multiple workspaces that can be linked together. This helps ease the process of managing several accounts for a single service. Each workspace can have several desktops and each desktop have apps, links and contacts. Features

With, teams and businesses can do the following.

  • Get an overview of all their resources, assets and conversations.
  • Organize their own digital workplace.
  • Improve access controls and security.
  • Bulk-share collections of online assets and tools with a client or partner in a secure manner.’s cross-platform communication suite integrates with the new workspaces. It also allows chat invitations to be sent to anyone with an email address. This makes it easier for businesses to communicate within teams and with agencies or freelancers too.

This innovative platform is apt for the new world of remote work culture where more and more businesses are looking at flexible work models.

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