Department Of Education Wants To Decrease Remote Work

Woman working remotely

The U.S. Department of Education is the latest institution seeking to limit remote work in the upcoming months.

Agency leaders announced they would make a decision in July pertaining the telework policy. They are reviewing positions that were deemed remote work eligible during the height of the pandemic, with a goal of increasing in-person work. 

Now, the American Federation of Government Employees, a federal union representing 2,400 Department of Education workers, is pushing back. 

They said it was not consulted on the proposed changes nor able to voice concerns at the meeting.

“We’ve made proposals already with the agency to roll over our telework policy because we’ve worked collaboratively with leadership to develop it November of 2021,” said a local union president.

They added that the decision to limit work flexibilities is a “180-[degree] change” from what the union negotiated.

As codified in the union’s October interim collective bargaining agreement, employees can telework for eight days per 10-day pay period, telework situationally, or work 100% remotely. 


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