Czechia’s Remote Employees Will See Energy Expense Reimbursements From January 2023

Czechia remote work
Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Czechia’s WFH employees will see energy bill reimbursements in the new year.

It is primarily intended as a refund for expenses related to heating, electricity, and water used when working from home.

The minimal rate per working hour is CZK 2.80. It is not covered by contributions because it is not a component of the pay. Additionally, this sum will be established annually by decree from the ministry and is based on information from the Czech Statistical Office on the expenditures per adult in a typical Czech household.

Additionally, the document mandates that the employer and employee come to an understanding regarding the specifics of remote work, including the site from which it is carried out, its scope, its time constraints (hours and on-call), its method of communication, its task assignment, and its cost reimbursement.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working was considered a business advantage; but, because to the Work-Life Balance (WLB) Directive, it is now a right given to employees in all EU nations.

This is for employees to make it simpler for them to care for their loved ones and children.

Approximately 29% of Czech employees have the option of working remotely, but only 18% of them actually do so, according to a recent poll done for Raiffeisenbank. Due to a lack of room in their homes or a bad connection, some employees opt to work from office.

According to experts, the energy crisis may prompt some businesses to reinstate remote working for select employees.

For instance, Czech institutions have previously said that they are thinking of restoring distance learning due to the high cost of electricity.

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