Credit Suisse Staff is Unhappy About the Company’s Remote Working Overseas Rule

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse employees in Asia are complaining about the company’s new remote work policy. Last week, the company introduced a new rule that says they cannot work remotely outside their ‘’contracted employment location’’ except in exceptional circumstances. Additionally, if permission to work overseas is granted, it is restricted to a maximum of 10 days. 

Companies all over the world are defining what their work structure will look like after the pandemic. In many cases, remote work policies enable employees to work from anywhere they want but for a limited amount of time. Despite working remotely for nearly two years, many companies still want to have their staff working from the office. 

Credit Suisse New Remote Working Rule

Credit Suisse sent an email to their staff in Asia last week to define more details about to what extent remote work will be allowed in the company. According to the email, while vacationing overseas is supported, employees who, for some reason, are unable to return home may be required to take paid or unpaid annual leave.

For the company, cross-border working carries different risks in terms of taxes, data protection, employment law, and regulatory certification. Consequently, Credit Suisse will not support any request to work remotely overseas except in exceptional circumstances. 

In those cases where employees need to work overseas, they will require support from senior management or their direct manager. According to the email:

If approved, the maximum period allowed is limited to 10 business days.

Many Credit Suisse employees located in Asia are unhappy about this new policy because, in most cases, it makes it difficult for them to go and visit their families in different countries and locations. 


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