Survey: 90% of Companies Will Return to Office By the End of 2024

office surveyed over 1,000 company decision-makers to discover what their plans for RTO would look like in 2024. 9 in 10 companies reported that they will have fully returned to the office by 2024.

Regarding their current or future Return to Office (RTO) strategies, just 2% of participants indicated that their company has no intention of mandating in-person work. 

51% presently enforce in-person work for some or all employees, while 39% intend to do so by the conclusion of 2024, and 8% have plans to implement this policy in 2025 or beyond.

Other key findings from the study:

  • Majority currently track or will track employees to ensure in-person attendance
  • 72% say RTO has improved revenue
  • 28% say their company will threaten to fire employees who don’t comply with mandates

To incentivize employees to return to in-person work, the survey found that 72% of business leaders intend to provide commuter benefits, 57% plan to offer childcare support, and 64% will offer catered meals. 

Furthermore, 28% of respondents mentioned that their company would consider termination as a consequence for employees who fail to comply with the Return to Office (RTO) policy.


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