Top 30 Companies Offering Remote Job Opportunities in 2023

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FlexJobs’ new list highlights the top 30 companies embracing remote work with the most job listings that do not require any office time or location restrictions. These companies offer a range of full-time and part-time positions with flexible or alternative schedules for job seekers looking for a work-from-anywhere opportunity.

Work-life balance is not something that all companies offer, especially after most leaders have openly pronounced against remote work. While some organizations offer flexible schedules, the reality is that finding a company that fully embraces work-from-anywhere opportunities is not that easy. Here’s the new FlexJob’s list for 2023, perfect for job seekers interested in remote work jobs.

Companies Offering Remote Jobs in 2023

These are ranked from highest to lowest volume of remote job listings: 

1. Wikimedia Foundation: A nonprofit company that focuses on encouraging the growth and development of multilingual content.

2. Protocol Labs: A technology firm that specializes in developing software solutions to tackle web-based technical issues and enhance user satisfaction.

3. Kraken: A Bitcoin exchange app.

4. Clipboard Health: A firm that employs technology to connect experienced nurses with suitable job openings.

5. Omnipresent Group: A firm that specializes in handling all aspects of administrative work such as payroll, employee benefits, tax-related tasks, and compliance for clients.

6. Achieve Test Prep: An educational support service that provides test preparation and consulting to students planning to attend college.

7. Jagex: A video game studio.

8. e2f: A technology company specializing in data and language processing, offering tailor-made solutions for digital content management.

9. Canonical: An consulting firm that specializes in streamlining business operations and cutting expenses for clients.

10. FluentU: A digital language learning platform that utilizes authentic video materials to promote language immersion.

11. Coalition Technologies: A full-service digital agency specializing in web design and digital marketing dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their e-commerce goals.

12. ConsenSys: A blockchain development company that creates and expands enterprise software, tools and applications by leveraging the power of Ethereum, focused on delivering user-friendly solutions.

13. Outliant: A technical consulting firm that offers end-to-end product development services to assist both startups and established companies in their digital growth.

14. Superside: A design firm that provides scalable design solutions to enterprise-level teams.

15. Big Time Studios: A game developer that creates immersive, online experiences that transport players through space and time.

16. Trafilea: An advertising and marketing agency that focuses on creating disruptive, data-driven e-commerce strategies to help grow customer-centric global brands online.

17. Clevertech: A technology solutions provider that specializes in developing custom, cutting-edge technology solutions for a wide range of industries.

18. Yodo1: A gaming services provider that supports game developers and studios globally by providing marketing, management, and monetization services for their games.

19. Jellysmack: A video data and technology firm that specializes in increasing the social audience for creators by unlocking new revenue streams, optimizing performance, and amplifying monetization opportunities through proprietary technology.

20. Tetrate: A IT firm that specializes in providing enterprise-grade service mesh solutions, committed to delivering robust and scalable IT infrastructure to its clients.

21. Cash App: A fintech company that provides a platform and app that serves as an alternative to traditional banking, enabling users to perform functions such as money transfer, spending, saving, and investment in multiple currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other financial assets.

22. A education company that aims to make higher education more affordable by providing alternative solutions to traditional college attendance.

23. 8Bit Recruitment: A staffing firm that specializes in identifying and placing skilled professionals in video and mobile game development, virtual reality, and technology startups.

24. A startup company backed by venture capital that aims to simplify cloud infrastructures by creating an application platform that streamlines the process of developing and deploying cloud-based applications, from ideation to implementation.

25. Remote Technology, Inc.: A firm enabling businesses to pay and manage contract and full-time employees globally efficiently.

26. Ripple Labs: An online firm that utilizes blockchain technology to facilitate fast and secure money transfers for its global customer base.

27. Velocity Global: A financial services firm that has developed a platform to remove barriers and facilitate creating and managing teams across different locations for businesses.

28. AlpacaDB: A brokerage platform that allows services and developers to access the stock and cryptocurrency market through API and build trading applications and algorithms without the need to pay commission fees.

29. Goodwall: A professional development community for young people that assists high school students and graduates in showcasing their skills, identifying opportunities, securing scholarships, and gaining recognition from universities.

30. 10up: A full-service digital agency that specializes in content management, helping businesses to create, manage, distribute and measure the impact of their digital content across different platforms and channels.


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