Companies Embracing Flexible Work Policies Experience Faster Hiring Rates Those Fully In-Office

man working remotely

Scoop Technologies Inc., a company specializing in advising organizations on coordinating hybrid staffing models, analyzed headcount growth among approximately 3,600 companies with different work setups: fully-flexible, hybrid, and entirely in-office. 

The study revealed that companies with flexible arrangements, including those with hybrid, fully-remote, or electively-remote staff, experienced a headcount increase at a rate of more than two times faster than their fully in-office counterparts during the period spanning from March through May.

“Companies grow faster when they offer flexibility because people are more excited to join. Prospective employees rank flexibility second only to compensation when it comes to workplace satisfaction, meaning that consistent headcount growth might be explained in part by talent flocking to flexible firms”  Rob Sadow, co-founder and chief executive officer of Scoop.

Additionally, the research discovered a notable correlation between the number of in-office days mandated per week and the growth of the workforce. 

Companies with a policy requiring employees to be in the office for only one day a week saw a significant staff expansion of nearly 5% over the past year. In contrast, businesses enforcing a five-days-a-week in-office rule had a comparatively lower staff growth rate of 2.6%.


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