Companies With Flexible Policies Hire Faster

empty office
According to a Forbes report, companies implementing remote or hybrid policies seem to be onboarding employees at approximately double the pace of those requiring exclusively in-office work.

Over the past three months, businesses offering a “fully flexible” remote work approach expanded their workforce by almost 2%. In contrast, companies mandating full-time in-office presence saw slower growth, as outlined in a recent study by Scoop, a company specializing in hybrid work management software.

Organizations adopting “structured hybrid” policies, the prevailing model in which employees attend the office for one to four days a week, experienced a 1.5% expansion in their workforce. 

In contrast, companies enforcing a complete in-office presence saw a more modest growth of only 0.8% in their headcount.

“The job market has been surprisingly resilient, and I was really curious to understand: Is there anything to be found in where the growth is? When we looked at headcount increase over the last 12 months, fully flexible and ‘structured hybrid’ [employers] were outperforming fully in-office companies at least in terms of a percentage of headcount.” Robert Sadow, co-founder and CEO of Scoop


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