Colorado: New Tax Regulations For Remote Workers

Colorado remote workers

A new law in Colorado requires remote workers to disclose their salary range. As a result, most companies in Colorado don’t allow remote work options. 

The Equal Pay for Equal Work Act passed in 2019 to cut off sex-based wage discrimination. Now, businesses have to announce employment advancement opportunities, job openings and pay ranges. Companies can be fined between $500 and $10,000 per violation. 

According to Scott Moss, the director of the department’s division of labor standards and statistics, some companies’ remote work job posting disqualified Coloradan applicants. So, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment opened an investigation on these companies.

Following this investigation, Colorado guidance claims: 

  • Employers don’t need to include salary ranges for remote entirely performing outside the Centennial State. 
  • For any remote jobs post by a company that doesn’t have any employees located in Colorado.
  • Salary information needs to be posted when the company has a presence in the state
  • Employers can craft salary ranges from the lowest to the highest amount.

This law comes as a surprise in post-pandemic times. In fact, most companies implement remote and hybrid models and states are adjusting their tax systems. Some businesses are changing their job ads in Colorado. For examp-le, alcohol delivery company Drizly offers separate jobs targeting remote workers in Colorado and out of the states. 

Finally, as a response to these limitations, a new website is listing job openings outside Colorado for remote workers:


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