Cigna Switches to Permanent Remote Work

Cigna employee enjoys permanent remote work
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Cigna, the Connecticut based insurance company announced their decision of adopting permanent remote work. Their Denison employees will now permanently work from home.

According to them, during the pandemic they realized that this is the best way forward for the company.

The employees currently working at the company will not lose their jobs but will work remotely. The company’s facility at Denison that had 500 employees working from the office will be closed.

Tony Kaai, president of the Denison Development Alliance said Cigna had had remote employees before the pandemic too. This change could prove to be beneficial to the city’s economy.

“During the whole period of COVID they did send all their employees home for safety reasons, and now I guess they’re making a decision to let those employees stay at home. We could refill that space with some other business and we’d have twice the jobs that it actually was producing.”Tony Kaai, President of the Denison Development Alliance

The owners of the building said that Cigna hasn’t yet contacted them about vacating the facility.

Many companies are now shifting to a permanent remote work model that is beneficial for both the employer and the employees in many ways. The pandemic is temporary but will leave the world changed forever in many positive ways.

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